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Frequently asked questions

Is your produce organic?

All our produce is grown on our farm, as naturally as possible with minimal use of chemicals but maximal love and hard work. 

Can we order ahead of time?

Yes, you can do this on our website or by email. To do so on our website, in the top navigation bar, click the tab labeled, What We Have, and scroll to the bottom. You will see a form with the title, Order Here, where you can fill in the information (name, contact info, desired product, quantity, etc.) and hit submit. If you would prefer to place an order by email, that's ok too! Our email is

When do you start your fall harvest?

We typically start picking our fall harvest in mid September, keeping in mind factors such as weather that vary these dates. Our full selection is available beginning in October.

What are your hours?

As a family run business, our hours are not official but we work towards being available from

10a.m - 7p.m, 7 days a week. For possible fluctuations in our open times, stay up to date by following our Instagram @noorenberghe_family_farm. If we are unfortunately unavailable to attend the booth during your visit, you are encouraged to pay in the money box.

Do you do pick-your-own?

We want to provide the highest possible quality product for you and pre pick all our produce to grade for size and quality and price accordingly so that you get the best possible pricing.

Can I buy in bulk and will there be a discount?

There are discount options for large quantity orders, however you must preorder so that we can get your order ready for pickup.

What type of payment(s) do you accept?

We accept cash and we accept interact payments in September and October, during our busy season.

Can we take pictures on the farm?

We are more than glad for you to take pictures! Be it your family, friend, loved one, group, or even just pictures of all of our different varieties. If you post it on social media be sure to tag us at @noorenberghe_family_farm or you can email us your photos of you in the pumpkins at  for a chance to be featured on our page.

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